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“ There are a whole host of worries, fears and emotions associated with a cancer diagnosis. There is also an overwhelming financial impact. I am so thankful for the financial assistance. It allows me and my family to focus on other things, thank you. ”

- Steve Cancer Genetic And Genomic Testing

“ I was grateful to be approved for help from the Co-Pay program. Without your generosity, I wouldn’t have been able to afford my medication. Thanks to PAF I am continuing to fight my cancer… ”

- Patrick Multiple Myeloma

“ You save people’s lives. I am a prime example. I shudder to think if I would still be here if it wasn’t for your generosity and caring. You help me get the drugs to sustain my life. ”

- David HIV, AIDS & Prevention

“ …The cost of the drugs I am taking is phenomenal, even with insurance payments… it is virtually impossible for a normal person of moderate means to be able to pay all of the costs personally. I’m not sure what happens if you can’t! Fortunately I have not had to find out because of generous support programs like the Patient Advocate Foundation. With your help I have been able to take treatments that are providing me hope… ”

- Harriet Metastatic Breast Cancer

“ Greatest impact I have ever had is because PAF saved me [hundreds of dollars] on my medication that I take for ulcerative colitis. Thanks PAF, again and again … ”

- Ferris Ulcerative Colitis

“ … I live on a fixed income and need to spend a big portion of my income for medicine in order to maintain my health … I tried very hard to control my budget for medicine. Due to high cost of living now I have a hard time supporting myself … thanks to the great PAF I was approved to have a fund to help … then I felt the cord holding my neck tightly being released a lot. PAF is helping poor patients, including me. PAF is doing an excellent job with professionalism … PAF changed my life for the better, thank you. ”

- Shing Hepatitis B

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Patients & Family

Don’t let medical costs get between you and getting well. Our services can take the burden off you and your family so everyone feels a lot better.



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Every donation eases the financial stress of medical treatments. And together, every donation actually helps save lives.