Our Impact

The physical and mental toll of battling an illness is overwhelming enough. The Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief Program works every day to provide financial relief so that patients can focus on getting well instead of the stress of affording their medication and treatments. Our patients’ credit us with helping their financial burden and even saving their lives.

See Our Impact

“ It is with enormous gratitude that I accept your most generous donation… this indeed helped offset some expenses, the cost of which seems to rise daily. I take great comfort in knowing that your group is out there to assist those of us who have had the misfortune to fall ill to the mysteries of cancer… God bless your wonderful organization for all that you do for so many people in need. ”

- Sylvia Breast Cancer

“ Without the assistance received from CO-PAY RELIEF I would not have been able to afford the [medication] necessary to fight the Multiple Myeloma and to maintain the remission status I have achieved. Because of the continued assistance provided by CO-PAY RELIEF my life is almost back to normal. Thank you for the assistance you make available. It can make a difference between life and death for many patients. ”

- Mary Multiple Myeloma

“ With your help I am able to purchase the drugs that will help me finally beat this illness and be rid of it for good. Thank you so much. ”

- Stan Hepatitis C

“ It was my first time trying to register, and with PAF they were very understanding and helpful. ”

- Sharon Multiple Sclerosis

“ This is the second year that your foundation has been so gracious and generous to grant me financial assistance for the co-pays associated with my multiple myeloma…Thank you so much for your gift, support and assistance. God Bless. ”

- James Multiple Myeloma

“ …The application process was very straight forward and easy to fulfill… I always felt a feeling of caring and compassion to assist someone in need…I cannot thank you enough for your generous grant to help offset my financial obligation for payment towards my cancer [treatment]… ”

- Michael Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Treatment shouldn't have to wait for finances...

Patients & Family

Don’t let medical costs get between you and getting well. Our services can take the burden off you and your family so everyone feels a lot better.



You can apply to our program on behalf of your patients so they can afford the treatment and medicine you know they need.



Have a patient who needs help paying for a prescription? Apply on their behalf, 24/7, through our secure portal.



Every donation eases the financial stress of medical treatments. And together, every donation actually helps save lives.