“Caring feeds the part of one’s soul that dies when our bodies fail.”
— Recipient of Co-Pay Relief Services

Your donation can deliver hope — the hope of receiving treatment that might not otherwise be afforded. This hope is our mission, to give assistance to people in one of their most vulnerable times when they have been diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening disease.

Every Dollar Delivers Hope to Patients.

Patient Advocate Foundation continues to receive national recognition for our financial stewardship and efficient use of donations. In 2022, 98.6% of every donation Patient Advocate Foundation received went to patients and patient services.

Fiscal Year 2021/2022

Patient Advocate Foundation has been recognized as one of America’s best, most responsible Charities by the following:


Impact of Copay Assistance

“You help ease financial stress that comes from this disease. Money stress will kill you.”

– Recipient of Co-Pay Relief Services

Since Co-Pay Relief’s launch in 2004, we have reduced the financial burden of more than 550,000 patients and their families, allocating over 1.5 billion dollars in patient assistance. More than just reducing their financial burden, our patients feel they are supported and confident, their psychological stress is reduced, they have hope for a future, and in some cases saved their life.

Patient Impact