Corporate Donors

Give back where your donation can do the most good through the most compliant program

The donations we have received from our corporate donors and individual donors gives us the opportunity to serve those patients in need of co-payment assistance. The assistance provided will allow those patients to obtain life-saving medications that they otherwise may not be able to receive due to financial hardship and medical debt crisis issues.

As a pioneer in the field of co-payment support programs, we set the standard for compliant program operation.  Patient Advocate Foundation adheres to a set of guiding principles that have created a secure, supportive and sustainable patient service.  Our program design complies with the guidance provided by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) while placing the needs of the patients we serve at the program’s center.  Our commitment to these principles makes us both a trusted resource for patients, providers and nonprofit support organizations and the choice for compliant corporate giving.

Commitment to Compliance

Identified Patient Need Funds

PAF proactively determines which funds to establish for its co-pay assistance program by conducting independent research about the barriers patients are facing in different disease areas. Where there is evidence of need based on sources like PAF’s patient data or government reports, PAF then initiates a rigorous process of defining and approving a particular fund and its eligibility requirements based on standardized criteria.  Funds classified as Identified Need Funds are ready to assist patients and the fund details are on the disease page.

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