Disease Funds

Our Open Funds are now accepting applications for assistance from new and renewal patients.

Our Closed Funds are currently closed to new and renewal applications due to lack of sufficient funding.

CPR allocates funding to all patient’s that are approved for a grant so that it is available when needed by the patient. Therefore, during the period that a fund is closed to new applications, CPR continues to provide support to all patients in those funds that have an active award.

Our Health Equity Funds were developed to get assistance to those people and places who need it the most. Developed using the CDC’s Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) and CDC Disease Incidence data, our Health Equity Funds serve people living in 220 counties across the United States that have been identified by the CDC as having the highest social vulnerability scores and are burdened with high rates of chronic diseases. The Health Equity Funds are designed to specifically provide support to eligible patients living in one of the 220 counties covered by the funds, which is verified using the zip code of the patient’s home address. All other eligibility requirements, and fund operation, are the same as our general funds.

Our Identified Need Funds have been developed in response to patients who have contacted PAF for help with their medication expenses and could not find help. While these funds have been fully designed and we are ready to provide needed support to these patient communities, these funds are not yet able to accept applications for assistance as we are still working to secure charitable donations that will allow us to open them.

Please continue to visit our Disease Funds list often, as new and existing funds open, and reopen, as quickly as possible, based on the receipt of charitable contributions.  If you, or someone you know, would like to support any of the funds, please visit our Donors page for more information on how to get involved.

Co-Pay Relief Program Fund Notices

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