“This program exists to help those who are in desperate need at one of the toughest times in their life.”
— Recipient of Co-Pay Relief Services

The majority of patients with chronic or life-threatening diseases report that their costs for care are unaffordable. To cope, patients are cutting critical household expenses, postponing or even foregoing care.


Report care is unaffordable


Have dipped into savings to pay for care


Went without care due to transportation


Postpone or do not follow-medical advice due to cost


Are cutting critical expenses


Unable to afford groceries


Missing rent or mortgage payments


Paying utilities late

Stress Levels are Higher Before Receiving Assisstance

“It has made my mental health much better because I am not dwelling on where I would get money for copay”

– PAF Co-Pay Relief Patient

It is hard enough to focus on getting healthy without the added financial stress that a diagnosis and treatment brings. Our services reduce the stress patients are experiencing, letting them focus on what is important– getting better.

“When certain medicines are recommended and necessary and the best available, it is disheartening to learn that one cannot afford such medicines… and without PAF’s assistance I would not be able to take the recommended medicines and my chances of living as long as possible would be greatly reduced.”

– PAF Co-Pay Relief Patient

Charitable co-pay services, like PAF’s Copay Relief program, gives providers a way to help patients struggling to pay for their treatment.

PAF Broadens Treatment Options

Co-Pay Relief services broadens providers’ treatment options for vulnerable patients

Better Care for Patients

Co-Pay Relief enables providers to better care for their patients & helps ensure adherence to recommended treatment