Staff Leadership

Meet Our Leaders

Led by its Executive and Operational Leadership teams and supported by a dedicated team of full-time professionals with a variety of credentials and specialties, PAF works tirelessly to deliver compassionate and impactful services to patients and families who need financial and practical support.   Our leaders work tirelessly to align patient programming with identified patient need so that we may deliver help, and hope, in a timely and effective manner.  Our team is primarily headquartered in our Hampton, Virginia office location with field-based team members leading PAF’s health equity, community outreach, health services research and public communications from strategic locations throughout the country.

Alan J. Balch, PhD
  • Chief Executive Officer
    Non-Voting Member
Fran Castellow, MSEd
  • President, Operations
Bill Nason, MBA
  • Chief Financial Officer
Erin Bradshaw
  • Chief of Mission Delivery
Angela Walker, SPHR
  • Cheif of Talent Management
Shonta Chambers, MSW
  • Executive Vice President of Health Equity Initiatives & Community Engagement
Gwen Darien
  • Executive Vice President, Patient Advocacy & Engagement
Beth Moore
  • Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications
Alan Richardson
  • Executive Vice President for Strategic Patient Solutions
Alan Wood
  • Executive Vice President Business Development & Operations
Rebekah Angove, PhD
  • Vice President, Patient Experience & Program Evaluation
Christine Wilson
  • Vice President of Advocacy Communications & Marketing
Jennifer Brewster, MBA
  • Senior Director, Financial Support Programs
Kathleen Gallagher, MPH
  • Senior Director of Health Services Research & Outcomes
Courtney Jones
  • Senior Director, Case Management