PAF’s Co-Pay Relief Launches Seven Health Equity Funds to Get Assistance to Those People and Places Who Need It Most

Hampton, VA (February 8, 2022) – Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) is proud to announce the expansion of its Co-Pay Relief Program (CPR) through the opening of seven Health Equity Funds to serve patients living in 220 US counties identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as having the highest social vulnerability scores and high rates of chronic disease. This launch represents PAF’s first program expansion in its health equity efforts that will build upon the organization’s more than 25 years of experience with providing assistance to and advocating on behalf of a diverse population of low-income patients navigating the effects of social determinants on their ability to access, afford and adhere to prescribed medical care.The CPR Health Equity Funds were designed to get assistance to those people and places who need it the most. Developed using the CDC’s Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) and CDC Disease Incidence data, these funds will serve people living in 220 counties across the United States who have been identified by the CDC as having the highest social vulnerability scores and are burdened with high rates of chronic diseases. CPR’s Health Equity Funds are specifically designed to provide assistance to eligible patients living in one of the 220 counties covered by the funds, which is verified using the zip code of the patient’s home address. All other eligibility requirements, and fund operation, are the same as the program’s general funds.


Health Equity Funds open to new applications include:

·         Breast Cancer Health Equity Fund

·         Prostate Cancer Health Equity Fund

·         Multiple Myeloma Health Equity Fund

·         Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Health Equity Fund

·         Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Health Equity Fund

·         Ovarian Cancer Health Equity Fund

“We are pleased to be offering these health equity funds and allocating resources to specific populations and places experiencing intense social and financial needs, as we know that not everyone, everywhere has access to the same things in the same way. These new funds will allow us to bring direct relief to patients facing inequalities in the health care system in a way that will increase their opportunity to attain the highest level of health by addressing their access and affordability challenges,” said Fran Castellow, MSEd., President, Operations of Patient Advocate Foundation.

Visit for comprehensive information about fund features, a zip code tool look up and list of all PAF CPR health equity funds. Patients seeking financial assistance are encouraged to contact the Co-Pay Relief Program at 866-512-3861 for help or apply online using CPR’s secure online portals at