Patient Resource Center

Patient Advocate Foundation wants patients to know that they are not alone when dealing with healthcare needs. There is a safety net of national and regional organizations that provide resources dedicated to improving access to quality care and assisting with the financial burden of medical treatment. Our National Financial Resource Directory can help you locate them quickly and easily.

To generate a comprehensive list of the organizations that may have programs to address your needs, simply select the appropriate search criteria in each of the four categories below that best match your circumstances. There are no limits on the number of search combinations, or number of searches, you can perform. It is our greatest hope that this resource tool will link you to additional help and support.

This project is provided to you through continued support and guidance of the Patient Action Council members and the Patient Advocate Foundation.

Disclaimer: This project identifies external programs and organizations that may potentially be able to provide assistance to patients based on entered selection criteria. Neither the Patient Advocate Foundation nor Patient Action Council have any direct connection to these resources and thus no influence on eligibility criteria, selection process, fund availability or program details and does not promise or guarantee any level of support. Organization contact information provided through this tool is simply meant to be a courtesy for users and does not imply any endorsement.

If you have a suggestion of an organization or program resource that provides services to uninsured and under-insured patients and would like to alert us about it, please send to us via this submission form. Our internal research team will review and add to our directory if it matches the vision and scope of our tool.